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Who are we?

Librow was founded in 2006 by enthusiasts in computational methods and computer science. The lucky combination of strong knowledge in applied mathematics, mechanics, physics and computer graphics and experience in writing commercial code allows us to dive into a number of fascinating projects in software development with leading companies of the world.

What are we doing?

We like everything in aero- and hydrodynamics, physics and mechanics that could be calculated, simulated and visualized. Our interest in numerical techniques led us into R&D in image processing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational methods of physics and mechanics like finite element method (FEM). So, our areas of expertise are:

  • numerical methods and scientific computing;
  • digital image and signal processing (DIP and DSP);
  • graphics rendering and scientific visualization;
  • hardware development and embedded programming.

How can we cooperate?

Usually that means development of an application or mathematical library for data processing or creating pipeline or engine for graphics rendering. We do that in three steps:

Preliminary discussion. If you desire to have some application or library first of all let us know about that. To do that you can use our Inquiry form. Preliminary discussion and consultation is free.

Development. The next stage is research, development and implementation. You can pay for it and you cannot — depends on our agreement, we are flexible here: for instance, you are paying on per installation basis.

Support. General technical information and functionality description is provided. Detailed technical information, like internal structure description, is provided on request. Any bug elimination in our software is free. Enhancement considered as subproject.