The Art of Interface

Article 2

Image rotation

Category. Pixel graphics rendering software development.

Reference. Case study: EGE — embedded graphics engine.

Original and rotated images

1. Sample package

The sample was developed for demonstration of antialiased image rotation. Rotation algorithm is based on averaging filter idea. Here you find this demo description.

The sample package includes 3 files — an application, sample image and description:

  • rotator.exe — rotator application,
  • sample.bmp — 24-bit sample image,
  • readme.txt — description.

Be aware of the fact that this sample uses OpenGL so it should be installed on your computer.

2. Rotation

Start up rotator.exe application. Load any 24-bit BMP image. To rotate the image choose Set >> Rotation... or click R button in toolbar. Enter any angle of rotation and click OK.

Fig. 1. Image rotation - screenshot Fig. 1. Image rotation.