The Art of Interface

Custom solutions

Librow offers four all-inclusive solutions:

From idea and sketch to manufacturing and installation — we are taking projects through every stage. Every solution includes services in design, development, programming, prototyping and manufacturing.

Custom on-board networks

Neither instrument cluster nor body control module is a standalone device. They are part of the on-board network which spreads across the entire vehicle for function control and status monitoring. Network means many different devices: ECM — engine control module — usually coming from engine manufacturer, BMS — battery management system — coming from battery producer, ESP — electronic stability program — usually a system on its own... Different devices — different interfaces, different communication protocols, different baud-rates... That is where integration issues are getting their importance.

From architecture layout to installation we take care about details. If a function requires new device, we will develop and manufacture it. If a device requires replacement, we will create it. If a sensor needs interface — we will provide one. Our goal — functional final solution.


Librow wisdom

Take care about integration early.

Manufacturing of digital instrument clusters

Category. Virtual interface electronics.

Application. Automotive, marine, avionics.

Description. Development and manufacturing of the custom digital instrumentation.

Custom digital instrument clusters

From sketch to manufactured device — the essence of this solution. 2D and 3D graphics, marvelous designs, dedicated hardware, custom housings — all these services are parts of the solution.

Digital instrument cluster

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Graphical design

Hardware development and manufacturing


Housing development and manufacturing

Manufacturing of body control modules

Category. Body control electronics.

Application. Automotive, marine, avionics.

Description. Development and manufacturing of the custom body control solutions.

Custom body control modules

Body control is the second important task after engine control. Lights, wipers, windows, doors and mirrors — these are the points of concern for the body control system. Between flipping the switch and headlights going on a succession of events engage several devices and their processors — BCM reads the switch, PDM powers the lights, VIC displays the status. Because of its importance in decision making process BCM — body control module —is frequently called central computer.

Body control module

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BCM interface design

BCM hardware development and manufacturing

BCM programming

BCM housing development and manufacturing

Manufacturing of power distribution modules

Category. Body control electronics.

Application. Automotive, marine, avionics.

Description. Development and manufacturing of the custom power distribution solutions.

Custom power distribution modules

Power distribution module is the last link in the chain of the body control system. The device is a smart junction box which feeds power to the lights, motors and solenoids. Librow power distribution modules, or PDMs for short, are equipped with solid state switches and bridges for precisely feeding the loads with power they require. For powering LEDs Librow PDMs utilize dedicated drivers which supply LEDs with the current of constant ampacity they require — the solution provides a constant non-flickering glow of the LEDs. Due to component base of the latest generation Librow power distribution modules have extensive load diagnostic capabilities — every output has digital monitors of voltage and ampacity reacting to the load status real-time.

Power distribution module

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PDM interface design

PDM hardware development and manufacturing

PDM programming

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