The Art of Interface


Manufacturing of power distribution modules

Open offer for all car makers, ship builders and aircraft manufacturers around the world: development and manufacturing of custom power distribution modules.

Development includes all necessary R&D in functionality, interface, hardware and programming. Our modules have digital interface and equipped with solid state devices for load control.


4 months — from getting your specification to production

  • Interface: communication, protocols, split power, solid state devices, LED drivers, connectors
  • Hardware: schematics, component selection, printed circuit boards
  • Firmware: control and monitoring logics, drivers, diagnostics
  • Housing: material selection, design, manufacturing
Automotive power distribution module PDM Laplace Z Automotive power distribution module PDM Laplace Z.

Interface development includes on-board network communication logics, communication protocol selection, split power design, solid state power control, connector sourcing and pinout assignment. Done according to custom interface requirements or according to the properties of the vehicle functions.

Hardware development and manufacturing includes power distribution module schematics, component selection, part sourcing and printed circuit board — PCB — manufacturing.

Firmware development includes power distribution module programming: drivers for peripherals, control and monitoring logics, communication protocols and diagnostics.

Housing development and manufacturing includes material selection, assembly design and 3D models. Done according to custom style requirements and mounting specification.

Power distribution module — PDM — is the execution unit of the on-board network. A list of PDM functions can include:


Power distribution module functions

  • reading buttons, switches and senses
  • communication to BCM and other devices
  • solid state switches for inductive, resistive and capacitive loads
  • solid state bridges for motors and solenoids
  • direct current converters for driving LEDs with constant current
  • power supplies for external devices
  • reading external sensors
  • digital battery voltage meter
  • dedicated memory for storing configuration data

Due to the latest generations of the solid state devices Librow power distribution modules can precisely control voltage, ampacity and timing of the current fed to loads like lamps, solenoids and motors. For LEDs — light emitting devices — available unique function of driving with constant current. Unlike any other load as lamp or motor which requires constant voltage LED requires constant current. In Librow PDMs we use dedicated LED drivers which drive LEDs with current of constant ampacity under varying battery voltage.

Automotive power distribution module PDM Lomonosov Z Automotive power distribution module PDM Lomonosov Z.

Both limited and unlimited serial production of custom power distribution modules is available. Minimum order quantity is as low as 4 devices.

Special offer 2020

In 2020 on a limited budget we will take a custom-tailored power distribution module from specification to ready for production state in four months. Hardware, housing and programming are included.


Offer 2020 — custom power distribution module from sketch to production

  • time — 4 months
  • price — 9998 per month
  • component sourcing
  • included — 4 functional prototypes with mating connectors
  • development protection — stocking critical components
  • special delivery — 4 production devices in 8 months as part of this offer
  • extra — documentation, delivery and on-site installation

Our services

Original equipment manufacturing — OEM — for automotive, marine, avionics:

Interface for power distribution modules

Comprehensive service in custom-tailored interface for power distribution module:

  • communication logics
  • communication protocols
  • solid state switches and bridges
  • dedicated LED drivers of constant ampacity
  • connectors
  • pinout
Hardware for power distribution modules

Full cycle of power distribution module hardware development:

  • schematics
  • component selection
  • PCB design, prototyping and manufacturing
  • integration of the power distribution module into the on-board network
  • service and support of the manufactured power distribution module
Firmware for power distribution modules

Full cycle of power distribution module firmware development:

  • control logics
  • peripheral drivers
  • load monitoring logics
  • communication protocols
  • extensive diagnostics
Housing for power distribution modules

Full cycle of power distribution module housing development:

  • design
  • material selection
  • 3D rendering
  • prototyping and manufacturing